Capture Your Home. Sell Your Listing.

Add another dimension to your Real Estate listing and show off your property in a new way with professional photography and HD video walkthroughs.

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Set yourself apart from other listings!

  • No hidden cost for extra images
  • Professional quality work guaranteed
  • Retouched & colour corrected
  • $120.00 no matter the house size

Show off the true feel of the your listing!

  • Reach a larger audience
  • Drive more traffic to your listing
  • Maximize impact while reducing workload
  • $120.00 no matter the size of the house

Provide customers full control without the confusion!

  • With 360° views check out the home as if you were standing in the room.
  • Clear and easy navigation.
  • Includes floor plans.
  • Includes branded graphics

Change the angle and rise above the crowd!

  • Add a 3rd dimension to your listing
  • Show off the property in a new way
  • Amaze potential customers
  • $135.00 for all property sizes

“My best day is when I see a customer starting to get the results they want using the tools that I gave them”.

-Paul Brown

About Paul

The company is owned and operated by Paul Brown. Paul has been doing photography and computer graphics work for over a decade and knows how to make your house look amazing. With over 12 years experience in Photoshop and other adobe products, your photos and videos will be made to the highest level of quality.
Our simple pricing strategy removes all the guess work on what you will have to pay to get a professional look.

Our high-quality images and videos show off the true beauty of a house no matter the size or price point.

We help you capture your audience with the fastest and easiest way to get your house seen and sold.

What do Paul’s
clients have to say?

“I'm a realtor practicing throughout Ontario since June 2006. I work with a cliental base that is founded on trust. My clients trust that I'll deliver as promised. I cannot function without the help of many professionals. The photographer creates the window to my client’s home. I must rely on Paul Brown to deliver a product as promised with the utmost commitment, work ethic and professionalism my clients expect of me."

Manny Alvarez Royal LePage

“I have been working with Paul for three years now and he is a valuable member of an inner circle of network partners that helps me be successful. As a Top 20 agent in our office I only use Paul to video and photo shoot my listings. Simply put… you can trust him to be there on time, do a good job and make houses looks good. He also does personal promotion of my services. When I am at the kitchen table of clients I call Paul first to book him before we pick the launch date of the listing. He is reliable, professional and good at what he does!"

Neil Ryan Re/max Jazz

“Paul and I have been working together for a little over a year and its been fantastic! I have never worked with anyone so passionate about what they’re doing. Its very clear that this does not feel like work to Paul. He is constantly investing in the latest and greatest equipment and gadgets to make sure his customers pictures and videos are far beyond the industry standard. My clients love his personality and professionalism and I appreciate the fact he always shows up on time. His work makes me look like a hero to my clients every time and I love it."

Shawn Hinchey Re/max Jazz

“Paul's photos, insight and great customer service are why I love working with Paul. Thanks're the best!"

Cheryl Devenney Coldwell Banker

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul Brown for 3 years now and I can honestly say that he has made himself invaluable to my company and to my personal sales business. Many of our most successful agents can attribute their gorgeous campaigns to his brilliant creative abilities. Our clients have raved about the magazine quality and fluidity of their photos and videos! Paul also brings to the table an easy, affable personality, a respect of property and a conscientious awareness of time sensitivity that are all second to none."

Noel Coppins Owner of Re/max Jazz

“Paul has become a trusted addition to the Durham Home team. From listing videos and photos, to you tube videos, to print media assistance he has made us look good.I can also say that I have used prior videos made by Paul in my listing presentations, which has helped me secure future business. Paul's work has been one of the points of difference we offer in our group."

Michael Dominguez ReMax Jazz Brokerage