Real Estate Videography

Because people do most of their research for homes online it is important to give them the most information you can about your listing with the least amount of hassle. Real estate videos give the most bang for your buck to our online society. It provides a customer a simple way to see and feel the flow of a home without leaving the comfort of their own.


HD Video Tour: $120.00 no matter the size of the home. Includes Branded and Instagram videos!

These videos will drive up your call backs and increase traffic to your listings, facebook page and website. combine this with some of our other options like high-quality brochures and we will make it that much easier to sell your home. This will free up your time and allow you to concentrate on simply selling a home.

Our Real Estate Videography includes:

  • High Def videos from 2-6 Minutes
  • Colour corrected and retouched
  • Standard graphics added to video or custom if you have logos and colour schemes
  • includes a Branded video and an Instagram video if requested.  Branding required from the agent.
  • Ready and to you in 24 hours or less

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